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We are a young and hungry international team made up of world renowned-machine learning experts, data scientists and software engineers. We're always looking for people who are passionate about the intersection of machine learning, mobile data and human behavior. Feel free to get in touch if you want to be a part of this and see if you can get involved, regardless of our current open positions.

Here are our current open positions:

Machine Learning Engineer

Job Description

We are looking to expand our team to include a full-time deep learning engineer. Our product is a service for mobile that can authenticate a user actionlessly and continuously, yet completely invisible to the user experience. The implementation is a deep network that is trained over behavioral observations of the authorized user, and can authenticate that user given a short window of behavioral observations. This product is already live with first customers and we have much more in the pipeline.

You'll be working directly with the founding team on our core product. Your day to day will be testing new deep learning techniques from image, video and voice processing research and evaluating the benefit for our behavioral authentication. You will also be integrating improvements and advances into the product and rolling it out to customers. The team is a mix of machine learning engineering, deep learning, software architecture, cybersecurity, systems, and mobile engineering skillsets.

Here's why this is a fun thing to work on. Deep learning for behavioral data is a brand new field with us at the forefront, and we have strong connections into the academic research groups in the space. This is one of the few problems where machine intelligence greatly outperforms human intelligence. Authentication provides us with automatic label generation, endless sources of data, and the opportunity to apply cutting edge techniques to a new field in a live product environment.

Our product is end-to-end deep, and we will not be able to consider candidates without significant previous experience (either academic or private sector) working with convolutional and recurrent neural networks. We have a strong preference for candidates at the PhD or PostDoc level.